Why is my eCPM low? How do I boost my eCPM?

Last Update:
  • Your traffic might be low. Create a new campaign on a lower priority to test if you have any high-performing advertisers who are slipping through the cracks. Experiment with different campaign targets to reach a more appropriate audience and boost traffic.
  • You might need to tweak how players see ads in your game. Use named locations and your own creative assets to customize where and how ads appear. Making ads more seamless within your game might invite players to click through.
  • Let analytics help you decide what to do. Visit your dashboard's Publishing Overview page to discover performance trends and player behavior. You can also download your campaign analytics as a spreadsheet.
  • Are there any specific advertisers who would be perfect for your game? Make a direct deal with them!
  • Are the wrong types of ads showing up in your game? Filter them out!

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