How can I test my SDK integration?

Last Update:

If you've set up a publishing campaign in your game via the Chartboost dashboard, you should be able to run your game from an IDE via a simulator or a device and see Chartboost ads appear where your code calls for them. If you're having trouble...


  • Make sure you've followed the Getting Started Guide
  • Enable Test Mode to attempt to see one of our placeholder static/rewarded video ads. If you can see one of these ads, chances are you've integrated properly but may be having problems at the campaign level.
  • Use a web debugging proxy like Charles to check if your game is making the right network calls to Chartboost.
  • Use a VPN. Because the problem may be that you're testing the campaign from a country with a low fill rate, you can add your device to a VPN to simulate the experience your players in higher fill rate countries would have.